Discounts and Savings from Swagbucks

Swagbucks has partnered to bring you a new way to spend your reward points: a plethora of Discounts and Savings for dining, events & attractions, and shopping! For just 35 or 50 Swag Bucks, you can get “best in class” discounts to your favorite restaurants, affairs, and retailers for unbeatable deals.

These Discounts and Savings can be found by hovering over “Redeem” at the top of the Swagbucks site, and clicking on “Discount and Savings”. Get the deals nearest you by clicking “Change Location” on the right side of the page, entering your zip code and clicking “Update Zip”. There are two different types of coupons in Discounts and Savings: Premium and Frequent Value. All Premium coupons cost 50 Swag Bucks and all Frequent Value coupons cost 35 Swag Bucks. Premium coupons may only be redeemed ONCE per user, while Frequent Value coupons can be redeemed as many times as you’d like. Use the sorting feature to browse all Premium offers or all Frequent Value offers, or simply leave it at its default setting, which will show you all available coupons, both Premium and Frequent Value. To redeem a coupon, simply click on the coupon of your choice from the main page. This will then bring you to the detail page for this specific coupon. From here, click on “Get Coupon.” A notification will pop-up asking you to confirm your order. If you want to continue to redeem this coupon, simply click “Print Coupon.” Please note that once you click “Print Coupon” you must print it within 15 minutes, or the offer will expire. Now a new page will open up with your printable coupon. Click on “Print” and you’re ready to go. All coupons will expire two weeks after you print them. Here’s a helpful hint – do not refresh this page before you print. It’s as simple as that!

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