Have you heard about Viggle?  If you have an iPhone or Android you can download Viggle and earn points for watching TV.  Keep in mind this is far from a get rich quick scheme, but you can earn gift cards for doing something you may already be doing.

Once you download the app and sign up, just check in to whatever you are watching.  You will earn one point for each minute you watch.  They also have check in bonuses.  For example, if you check into Breaking Bad and you remain checked in for at least ten minutes, you will get the points for the length of time you were checked in plus 50 points.  Check in bonuses change daily.  You can also earn additional points by answering trivia questions while watching a show.

Prizes include such things as iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Lowes gift cards, and Facebook gift cards to name a few.  Rewards come and go, so sometimes patience is needed.  In the few months I’ve been doing this I have gotten Papa Johns gift cards, making for an inexpensive dinner when feeding extended family, and Lowes gift cards, which got us some free play sand for the kids’ sandbox.  I’ve also gotten an iTunes gift card, which made my husband happy.

Give Viggle a try and see what free stuff you can earn for yourself!

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