School Fundraising with Shoparoo


Schools are starting up again, and for many parents that means participation in fundraising. I recently stumbled onto a new school fundraising option: Shoparoo.  Shoparoo is an app available for both the iPhone and Android phones.


Shoparoo is very simple:
Sign up and select the school of your choice.
Shop at your local grocery, supercenter, or drugstore.
Take pictures of your receipts and upload them to Shoparoo.


Roo Points are granted based on the receipt totals:
Less than $10 = 10 Roo Points
$10 – $50 = 20 Roo Points
$50 – $100 = 30 Roo Points
$100+ = 40 Roo Points


There are also oppertunities to earn bonus points for your school. For example, one current offer is “Win $10,000 for your school plus 50 bonus Roo Points when you purchase 2 or more qualifying Quaker products at Walmart.”


Note:  If you submit your receipts to ReceiptHog, you will NOT be able to submit them to Shoparoo too.  They do share a database, and the second submission will be tagged as a Duplicate Receipt.

Shoparoo does not require the school to have a coordinator either.


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