Misto Oil Sprayer


For years I have used a well known cooking spray, but lately I have been very frustrated by how much oil leaks out of the can.  Not only is it slippery, I can’t help but wonder how much is going to waste.  I have been looking for alternatives, and I found we’ll that works well…the Misto Oil Sprayer.

Simply add 1/3 cup of your favorite oil to the bottle, pump up the sprayer and spray your pans. This is non-aresol sprayer.  Reviewers recommend cleaning it with soap and water every couple of weeks to prevent oil build up and keep it spraying freely.  Also losen the cap after each use and release the pressure, this should help keep it from clogging.

Personally, I see this as a money saver over the long-run because I can use whatever oil I choose (preferably one I have purchased on sale), and I don’t find it ooosing out while the can sits in the cupboard.

BedBathandBeyond.com has the Misto Oil Sprayer for $9.99.  You may be able to find 20% Off coupon and get it even cheaper in store.  You can earn 2% cash back if you shop at Bed Bath and Beyond through Ebates.

You can find it on Amazon, but it is a bit more expensive.

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