Buy 5, Get One Free! Bashas Promotions


Now through 9/30/14 you can earn Free Milk, Free Eggs, Free Pizza, Free Ice Cream, Free Salad, and Free Bread.

  • FREE MILK: Buy any 5 gallons of Milk, get a FREE gallon of Shamrock Farms’ Milk
  • FREE EGGS: Buy any 5 one dozen Eggs, get a FREE dozen of Hickman’s Eggs (Free Egg Item excludes Brown, Organic, or Cage Free)
  • FREE PIZZA: Buy 5 Palermo’s Pizzas, get a FREE Palermo’s Pizza
  • FREE ICE CREAM: Buy 5 cartons of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, get a FREE 1.75 qt carton of Blue Bunny Ice Cream
  • FREE SALAD: Buy 5 bags of Dole Salad, get a FREE bag of Dole Salad
  • FREE BREAD: Buy 5 loaves of Bashas’ 20 oz Sandwich Bread, get a FREE loaf of Bashas’ 20 oz. Sandwich Bread

Once you buy the 5th item, you will receive a printed receipt coupon for the Free item.

Please see my disclosure policy.

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