Alexia Foods – BzzAgent Campaign

One of my recent BzzAgent Campaigns was for Alexia Foods.  I was very happy to be accepted to this campaign since I had already sampled their Panko Breaded Onion Rings.

As part of my BzzKit I received coupons for a free Alexia sweet potato product, a free Alexia potato product and a free bread product.  I also received coupons to pass along to family and friends; my mom was very happy about that.

While I am not a big fan of sweet potatoes, I picked up my Sweet Potato Puffs and served them up with fish and a veggie for dinner one night.  In appearance, they reminded me of tater tots, so the sweet taste threw me off a bit.  I think of someone were to use them as part of a breakfast casserole, they would be even more appealing.  I may just have to experiment a bit.

One night we tried a new lasagna recipe, so I served up the Alexia Garlic Baguette.  Sometimes seeing product label All Natural makes me leery.  There have been several occasions where the taste of an All Natural product just didn’t meet expectations – this was definitely NOT the case.  This was very tasty.

Until I took on this campaign, I had no idea just how many products Alexia Foods makes.  I hope the stores I shop at will increase the number of Alexia products they sell.  The Fry’s I shop at has these products tucked away in the freezer section with the “healthier” foods.  Target has them mingled in among the other brands of french fries and onion rings, which is how is what I prefer.

If you love their products, check out the Alexia website, they have a Rewards Program and Club 350.  I signed up for both programs; I’m looking forward to redeeming points for coupons.

If you like to try new products and tell you friends about them, check out BzzAgent.

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